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Messaging in Motion

There's no denying that video is taking center stage on the web, in our mobile devices, and in our cross-platform applications. Whether it's, education, health & fitness, sports, or entertainment, video as an information sharing medium is engaging & profitable.

For paid solutions, we specialize in both membership and Pay-Per-View Solutions. From niche market projects to big data storage and retrieval needs, if it MOVES, we can build it!


Web & Mobile Websites

The heart of what we do!

Beauty is beauty, whether a perfectly balanced logo design or clean, restrained use of code, it just happens to be in the eye of the {programmer} beholder. You don't need to see that it's elegant, cleanly executed and efficient, you just need it to work, and work well. Secure e-commerce development, iphone, ipad, and android applications are on the fore-front of what we love to do with communication technology. Our programmers work with our branding strategists and our designers because it's not enough to build something that works. Every detail should be addressed. Scaleability, ease of use, and solid coding are all project milestones that will not be compromised.


Direct Response Solutions

Direct to Consumer Solutions

Implementing a Direct Response program can be an exciting experience, and we love working on these direct to consumer products. There are also a lot of logistics to consider, and that's where Media Devils™ comes in.

We'll work with your existing DR Team to ensure that your branding, marketing, and web presence is all perfectly inline with your conversion goals.


Mobile Applications

Platform-specific programs

Application development can be daunting. Multiple hardware types (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone) mean multiple languages and multiple criteria. It's our job to understand the approval process and get your application to market quickly.


Custom & Trade Solutions

Dream it & we build it

As software developers first and foremost, we can creat anything you imagine. Media Devils™ can take your web presence and modify it for Trade Shows, Kiosks presentations, or any other forum that requires digital dissemination of your message!